Satellite surveys-topographic maps across the world

MARSec (Mediterranean Agency for Remote Sensing and environmental control) is a satellite monitoring center which aims providing products and value-added services obtained from satellite data. Data are received, processed, stored and distributed directly by the Agency.
Data processing is performed by MARSec; signals received from satellites are transformed into “products/services”, or into data ready to be analyzed or used in various applications. MARSec operates at regional, national, and international level. Indeed, remotely sensed data cover the whole Mediterranean area, Northern Europe and North Africa.

MARSec S.p.A. was created to manage the satellite center and to provide professional services to public bodies. On the basis of that previous experience and through the recruitment of a qualified staff trained during that previous phase, the new company inherited the know-how to receive and process satellites data. This is a unique case in Italy and, probably, there are very few companies like this one in Europe.

We are proud to inform you that we strengthened our services in the Latin America area providing more services in the satellite and topographic maps. More maps are now available in all the scales  (1:10,000/1:5,000/1:2,000) and details needed for your specific surveys.
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Downloads a brief description of MARsec:
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